06 September, 2014


I have actually been productive this week. This is probably because the Husband took leave this week. He was very sweet and took it because he knew that this week was going to be hard on me with my little Chubbs starting kindergarten.

Speaking of that, I made a monster for his lunchbox on the first day of school as well:

I also finished a test knit hat! It looks terrible, but it is really a nice hat. My camera broke so I have to make due until I decide what I am going to do for a new camera or fixed camera.

Besides that I made some crafts for a swap package I am sending out on Monday. I made my first dish towel and a dish cloth. It is hard to see, but the dish cloth is supposed to have an apple on it. I look forward to many more projects in the upcoming weeks. I want to finish the year out strong.

Speaking of the rest of the year, I have some goals. Mostly, I want to get my WIPs in line. I have so many of them! I will probably post a post of shame in the next few days detailing all the projects I have in waiting. And I am starting to think of resolutions for next year. This year didn't go so well, but I have discovered that I like cutting things into small pieces and going from there. So I think I will have monthly or quarterly things that I want to get done next year instead of blanket items to cover the whole year. 

29 August, 2014

Yet Another Birthday

My two boys are three years apart in age, but only six days apart. One has his birthday on the 20th of August and the other on the 20th. I thought this was awesome, but it is getting harder as they get older. The Little Miss was due on the 23rd of August. So it would have been each three days! Luckily she decided to take pity on me and was born on the 23rd of July. Early, but healthy. This gives me a bit less stress:)

So I made a cake for Babykins. He turned 8 this year! He wanted a cake that looked like his teddy bear.

His birthday was on the second day of school. It was third grade and his first year in intermediate school. So to help him have a great day I put a monster in his lunchbox. I still have to make one for Chubbs. He starts kindergarten on Wednesday. But Babykins loved his monster, though Chubbs is trying to steal it...

20 August, 2014

Another Birthday!

Today is Chubbs birthday. He asked for a Sheepie cake and I was more than happy to make one. My little boy turned five. How did this happen?

06 August, 2014

Little Miss is One Year Old

Well, she has been for a bit now. I totally forgot to post with her cake. She refused to tell me what she wanted and had me guess. She seemed pretty happy with it so I guess I picked correctly:

All in all, it was a great day:)

24 July, 2014

The Stash is Out of Control

I ordered some yarn in March. Ten skeins. I still don't have it. Yes, I ordered it in March and it is the end of July. I am not pleased about it, but I want the yarn. Supposedly, I am supposed to get it next week. When I went to my stash shelves I saw that there is no way that ten skeins will fit in the spot where I keep this dyers yarn. So I need to make some more room. What is right next to it? Plucky in Primo Aran. So I decided to make some room. I am making an eight skein blanket for the Little Miss. I am hoping to make this somewhat quickly because I have a lot of WIPs that I want to get done. The Little Miss is still very demanding and has not let me knit much. But here is what I am going to use:

Wish me luck in a fast knit!

22 July, 2014

Very Slow

So for the past few weeks we had family in town. We went to lovely places like Rothenburg.

We went to castles in Bavaria:

And very little crafting got done. Sad. I have so many WIPs. I am thinking about starting a post just to catalog all of them. I really want to finish all of them before I start anything new (this could easily take me into the new year...).

Tomorrow is the Little Miss's birthday. However, the Husband is on a business trip so we won't be celebrating until Sunday. She will have a cake though so I will have something to post soon! I have so many crafts I want to work on, but between family and the Little Miss being quite demanding of my time, they are all still in dream, or in progress. Hopefully soon!

29 June, 2014


I finished two things over the weekend! Progress at last!

Over in Little Skein in the Big Woods they had a little monster kit that was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. It was so cute! I had my friend Amanda from Sew Knit Picky purchase it for me since the update was at 2 or 3 am for me. It got here on Friday and I knit it right away. Chubbs has been asking for me to knit him something (anything!) for a while now, so I made it for him and he is carrying it around the house with him. He is quite knit worthy:)

I also made a hat.

Just another regular formula hat. I had some leftover yarn from a scarf that I wove so I used it for the hat. It will go into a swap package.

It felt good getting some projects done!