29 June, 2014


I finished two things over the weekend! Progress at last!

Over in Little Skein in the Big Woods they had a little monster kit that was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. It was so cute! I had my friend Amanda from Sew Knit Picky purchase it for me since the update was at 2 or 3 am for me. It got here on Friday and I knit it right away. Chubbs has been asking for me to knit him something (anything!) for a while now, so I made it for him and he is carrying it around the house with him. He is quite knit worthy:)

I also made a hat.

Just another regular formula hat. I had some leftover yarn from a scarf that I wove so I used it for the hat. It will go into a swap package.

It felt good getting some projects done!

23 June, 2014

Plucky Scholar

Today I received my sweater quantity of the Plucky Knitter's Scholar in the mail.

To be honest, I am not sure that I like it. It looks nice, but it doesn't feel like it has 25% cashmere to it. I guess it is supposed to feel like tweed, but I was excepting something softer with cashmere and merino in it. Also the ply seems to be a bit loose so I think that it may pill. Who knows when I will ever get to this sweater, but when I do I guess there we will see if it was worth all the hype.

I also ordered a sweater quantity in the Plucky Knitter's Aran. It is supposed to pill as well. I have only made accessories with it so far so I haven't experienced pilling. I ordered it in Signature Cocktail. Oh and the Scholar is in Oatmeal.

Lastly in my good mail day was my Moonrover fiber club for June. It is lovely as always.

19 June, 2014

New Projects!

And now on to new projects!

The Mysterious Halloween Town!

I hope to actually make this one as the pattern clues come out. First clue is out today. But it came out at 10 pm my time so I think I will actually start it tomorrow. I do however, have all my supplies ready to go!

And I am knitting too. Here is a test knit I am making for Mollie on Ravelry. The pattern is already out and I should have finished it when I was in Italy, but Italy was very busy and when I got back I lost my knitting mojo. Well it is back, so on to Evergreen!

Also I am thinking about making a hat with some Plucky Knitter that you also see in the picture. It is brulee in bulky. I am looking at Bella's Hat. I really enjoyed the one I made for one of Babykin's teachers. It was hard to give away.

So yay to summer vacation and new projects! To date we have had two picnics and one bike ride. We even went to France today for lunch. Not to shabby for less than a week into break:)

15 June, 2014

11 June, 2014

End Obligation Knitting

Right on time! I finished both teacher gifts for Babykin's two teachers. They are ready to go to school tomorrow on the last day of school! Pictures of me wearing the objects are meh because I can't use the screen on the back of this camera like with my old camera. Oh well...

And now I can focus on what I want to knit!

07 June, 2014

All Good Things Need Replacing

Hang out with me for more than ten minutes and you will find that I tend to put music lyrics and quotes from movies in my conversations a lot. I don't stop for effect, either you heard it or you didn't. I used to do it a lot on my papers in college, they were all titled and had titles from song. Here is a case of it. All good things need replacing. Yes, it is from a song, and sadly a good title for this post.

When my little Babykins (who is almost eight) was born I had a happy snap camera. It was good enough for taking pictures of Alaskan landscapes which didn't move. It was sadly very bad at taking pictures of my son who moved very fast. By the time the flash was up and the camera took the picture, my son was in a totally different part of our little house. So I made the Husband take me to Best Buy where I purchased my first real camera, my Nikon D40. I don't think they make this camera anymore. It was a great camera for taking pictures of my quick son and of the Alaskan scenery.

Then I discovered lenses that my little camera could not handle. They were still not full frame lenses, but lenses that it could not focus. So I went back to Best Buy and purchased my upgrade camera, my D90. Most of the pictures you have seen in this blog were taken with that camera. Well over the weekend we went to some gardens here in Germany and we got caught in some rain. My camera still worked the next day when we took pictures of Babykin crossing over from one rank to another in Cub Scouts, but then the next day nothing. So I am back to my D40 which still works after all these years of neglect. I am looking at new cameras. I have decided against a full frame because I have so many lenses and really my skills are minimal so it would be too much camera for me. I am thinking about upgrading to the "new" D90, the D7100. But for now, my D40 will do what I need.

I have a bunch of things to show!

First up, my last skein of Yarntini Choose Your Own stripe club. I have been in about 4 iterations of this and have loved them all. She is not doing anymore of the club for the year as she moves. I hope she starts it again after she gets settled in:)

More obligation knitting! This skein will become a cowl for my son's homeroom teacher:)

My last skein of Dancing Dog Dyeworks that was out in the world. I missed the last update so I have nothing on its way to me. I am sure I will pick something up next update. This is from the Slo Mo update in Poppies. I had already purchased the other colorway.

I leave my umbrella swift out all the time. Even before I had a craft room it always sat on the kitchen table. I picked up a nice cover for it from Slipped Stitch Studios. Little Chubbs loves it and admires it often. It is supposed to be a carrier so the sheep are upside-down. I still heart it though.

A few posts ago I had shown some of my cross stitch supplies. They are getting out of hand. Here they are in bags and project bags. I spent a day organizing them so I could have the fabric and floss all in the same place for each project.

This is just telling me that I need to cross stitch more. In the background you can now see my broken camera. :(

And I splurged on some more project bags because can you ever have too many? These are from Honeycomb Homestead. I love them!

And then Two If By Hand had an inventory sale. Things were 25% off. I couldn't say no to five braids of pretties and they shipped them with my two club colors. They currently have sign ups for their summer club, but I just can't do it. I don't have space for these pretties, let alone more. To make it worse, I haven't spun since last year's Tour de Fleece. So I am not signing up. Really, I am not. Even though I still have time. I must be strong!

01 June, 2014

Obligation Knitting

There can be a lot of opportunities to knit out there. I knit for myself, for family, for friends. Then there are other knits. Sometimes I join a swap and knitting needs to be done in that and at the end of the year I like to knit for teachers. Sometimes my coworkers would ask for knits when I worked. I have a hard time saying no. Once I had an overeager fellow who really wanted a monster for his niece. I did not want to knit him anything and I was being really good about saying no until he came in with a ripcord watchband including watch. Well hell, how was I supposed to say no now that he had made me something that was unwanted, but a hand crafted gift nonetheless.

So here is where I talk about obligation knitting. Most of the time obligation knitting is of my own doing. The example from above is perhaps the only time where I really had to knit something as a repayment. I have quite a few things going on now and a lot of it has contributed to my knitting mojo collapsing. It is rather sad. I keep buying yarn as if I were knitting a sweater a week, but nothing really comes off the needles. Except for obligation knitting. Knitting I have forced myself to knit. I am not begrudging the person or people I knit for at all. I dug my own hole, but I think some of my loss of mojo may come from knowing I must knit these first before I can knit something I want to knit. This is a bit strange because normally I power through things to get to the end game. For instance, I clean so that I can not feel guilty about crafting. I eat my food in order from least liked food to most liked food. It isn't that I don't like the food, it is that I like the stuff I save for last the most so I save it for last. Not so with obligation knitting.

Here is a hat I knit for a swap:

I think I forgot to share it because it was something I quickly knit in a day to fill a swap box. I really like the person I knit it for, but I wanted to be working on a test knit for Mollie.

Today I finished one monster and am starting another one. I hope to have the second done tomorrow. Monsters don't take me very long:

Chubbs kept coming up to me and asking me for a blue monster. I would love to cast one on for him, but I must get through my obligation knitting first. Oh how I long for carefree knitting. I understand that in the grand scheme of things, this isn't really the worst of problems to have, but still, I long for knitting freedom.

Next on the list:
Monster for swap
Hat for math teacher
Cowl for home room teacher

Then hopefully on to the test knit!